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Generator Specialists

We offer in house as well as field service.
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home stand by generators, 48 kw Kohler generator
Kohler 48kw home stand by generator

Getting ready to deliver a 48kW Stand-By Generator to a customer in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Repair of Onan Generator in RV
 Thank you note for repair on Onan generator in mobile pet grooming van
Mobile pet grooming van with Onan RV Generator

Rebuilds and repairs on Onan Generators in mobile pet grooming vans. 

thank you note for repair of home stand by generator
thank you note from happy customer after we repaired  their generator

A note of appreciation from our customer after we repaired her home stand-by generator. 

recreational vehicle with Kohler generator
Kohler generator
generator in recreational vehicle

Kohler generator repair on the rv generator for the Department of Veterans Affairs. 
Air Cooled Engines would like to thank all the veterans and military personnel for keeping us safe and free. 

20 kW Kohler home stand by generator
Generators  catering trucks

Rebuilds and repairs on generators in catering trucks.

20 kW home stand-by generator for a customer in the Santa Cruz Mountains.